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Still Dubious Words Of Agreement Crossword

I knew when my first review was 22d that it would be a slow affair, and in fact, I needed a much longer time than usual for a Tuesday. 10a was a in, since I had never heard of this term for the kidneys and I am more than a little dubious about the definition in 14a. 28a and 6d were my favorites. Certainly not a member of today`s camp. Thanks to Dada and Big Dave. 25d First of all, can anyone read that? One thing is certain (4) CERT: the first letters (especially) of four words in the indication A beautiful beginning of the week does not really have favorites for me, but I finished as always with Toughies need help, in Canada I am alive in agreement with JB, „Kabila will no longer be visible as head of state, but he and his party will still be in power”, says Samy Badibanga, Prime Minister from 2016 to 2017. They had not yet reached the point of the agreement, but could they not be on another ground where they could be undisputed? 3d Rare hubbub for loved (6) ADORED: Combine words with three letters meaning hubbub, and rarely (if you refer to a steak) 6d Strange bits, see bottled boat that is silver-white (9) MAGNESIUM: Drop the odd letters of two words in the note and add what remains in a large bottle of champagne, I had Drongo in 5d that held the northeast, and I had to check the old kidneys. This solution took me a long time, but I have no complaints with any clues. Everything was considered a very nice crossword. Unfortunately, none of the tasks have been completed and the management is back every minute.

Oops. 2d Panic about salt in the sweet cake (8) FLAPJACK: Combine words with four letters that mean panic and salt or a sailor Another toughie from our Sunday door that makes you think, but is still soluble. This ended, at least in theory, the Kabila dynasty, which began when his father Laurent-Désiré took power from mobutu dictator Sese Seko, a longtime dictator, in 1997. Since the assassination of his father in 2001, Joseph, still 47, has ruled the country. Then we met a picket line who, while we were on the run, let us continue uncontested. 4d Idiot preserved meat (4) JERK: two more definitions 26a gray clothing on .. Yes! (6) AGREED: gray or in years around (clothes) a word of meaning on or about The process, critics say, has been a setback not only for democracy in Congo, but also for the continent as a whole, where other leaders might now conclude that they can steal a voice with a nod and wink to foreign leaders. .

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