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Ssa Agreement With Canada

With respect to Canada, the territory of Canada, including its land zone, internal waters and coastal sea, and includes the airspace above those areas, as well as the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf, as defined by its domestic law, in accordance with international law; And any application forms you fill out for New Zealand benefits or pensions can be compared to information provided by Service Canada or Work and Income. Work and income verify your identity and residency status. Work and income can be compared to the tax authorities, the Department of Justice, the Department of Corrections, the New Zealand Customs Service, the Department of Internal Affairs, ACC, Kāinga Ora (formerly Housing New Zealand) and Immigration New Zealand. Work and Income may also transmit this information to Service Canada. Be sure to immediately return your life certificate or renewal form to Work and Income. Your benefits or pensions are suspended if they are not returned within 8 weeks and cancelled if they are still not returned after 16 weeks. Under the agreement, Canada takes into account your U.S. social security credits acquired after 1951 and after age 18, as well as periods of stay in Canada after 1951 and after age 18, to meet OAS residency requirements. However, to be eligible to have your U.S. credits counted, you must have lived in Canada for at least one year after 1951 and after age 18. Prior to the agreement, workers, employers, and the self-employed could be required, in certain circumstances, to pay social security taxes in the United States and Canada for the same work. If a person is not entitled to a benefit on the basis of the periods applicable under the legislation of the States Parties, which are added together under Article 12, that person`s entitlement to that benefit shall be determined by adding those periods and eligible periods completed under the legislation of a third country to which both States Parties are bound by social security instruments: which provide for the addition of periods.

Have decided to enter into an agreement to this effect, and although the agreement between the United States and Canada and the agreement between the United States and Quebec allow the Social Security Administration to count your CPP or QPP credits to help you qualify for the United States. . . .