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Get Avis Rental Agreement

Some rental cars are equipped with a tachograph and the renter or driver must accept without objection that data such as the driving status of the renter or driver is recorded by our system and that data relating to the following situations is recorded. (1) To confirm the accident status (2) To confirm the driving status of the renter or driver, if it is deemed necessary for the management of the car rental or the execution of the rental contract. (3) Use the data for marketing analysis to improve the quality of products and services offered to tenants or drivers or to increase customer satisfaction. The renter or driver must carry out the daily inspection and maintenance of the rental cars during the useful life, in accordance with Article 47-2 (Daily Inspection and Maintenance) of the Road Vehicles Act. These conditions apply when we hire another company to rent a rental car and we rent the car to the renter as the owner of the rental car. 2. We may disclose the data recorded by the above disc recorder in any of the following cases. (1) When it is deemed necessary to resolve accidents and problems related to this service and the car rental vehicle (disclosure to: insurance companies to which we are related or to the other party in the accident/problem) (2) If required by law or a governmental authority. The Renter or Driver agrees that the full name, date of birth, driver`s license number and other personal information of the Renter or driver may be registered with the All-Japan Rent-A-Car Association for a period not exceeding seven years and approves the use of the above information by the All-Japan Rent-A-Car Association and Regional Rent-a-Car Associations as well as its members` car rental companies for verification. If we are liable to a fine for non-parking on the basis of Article 51, Chapter 4, point 1, of the Road Traffic Act (2) If the lessee or driver has not made a full payment in respect of fines related to illegal parking within the meaning of Article 19.5. 3.

If the car rental is not returned in accordance with Article 24.1. The renter or driver resents us the excise duty, including the local consumption tax, which is levied on the rental on the terms. With the exception of the cases described in articles 4 and 5, the tenant or we have no claim with regard to the cancellation of the reservation or an unsigned contract. If the tenant wishes to change any of the rental conditions provided for in article 2.1, the tenant must obtain our consent before the start of the rental. If the lessee or driver changes the duration of the tenancy in accordance with article 12.1, the lessee or driver pays the most advantageous costs, either the rental fee corresponding to the total rental period, or the initial rental fee plus the cost of the extended period. Some rental cars are installed with a global positioning system (hereinafter referred to as „GPS”) and the renter or driver accepts without objection that data such as the current location and the route of passage of the rental car are recorded by our system and that data relating to the following situations are recorded. (1) To confirm that the car rental has been returned to the place indicated at the end of the rental agreement. (2) Record by GPS the current location and route of passage of the rental car for the management of rental cars and the rental contract if deemed necessary under Article 24.

(3) Use the data for marketing analytics to improve products and services for tenants and drivers and increase the satisfaction of tenants, drivers and other customers. . . .