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Primary Teacher Collective Agreement

Note 2: For the purposes of this clause, „primarily” means 70% or more of the teacher`s weekly teaching time. Any teacher appointed in a New Zealand state or in a state-integrated primary school and employed under the terms of the collective agreement of primary school teachers has the opportunity to apply for this prize. I`m a part-time teacher. Can I apply for a teacher`s sabbatical? With the changes to the Parental Leave Act as of April 1, 2016, all workers who complete the work test described on the IRD website are entitled to 22 weeks of parental leave allowance, whether or not they are able to take leave. This means that teachers who lighten the burden in the short term or who work on a temporary basis and who meet the working conditions are now entitled to the full 22 weeks. Can I apply for sabbatical with another teacher? The Minister may authorize the admission of boards of directors for half a day less than that prescribed by Section 65D (1) of the Education Act 1989. The board should be consulted on how these teaching days are defined according to their use and actual days. The following definitions apply, unless the agreement states otherwise: yes, the prices are open to all teachers in New Zealand primary schools or integrated in the state who meet the eligibility criteria. Coverage of your sabbatical professional learning activities Teachers who receive sabbatical leave must provide a written report that can be accessed online by other school leaders. It is strongly recommended that the report be reviewed, preferably by a colleague, before it is submitted for publication.

What is the full-time equivalent of teachers (FTTE)? (c) the collective agreement for secondary school teachers applies to RTLBs which, after January 28, 2012, no longer fall within the scope of point 1.4 (a) of this collective agreement (but which were covered as of January 27, 2012) and who accept a job in the new leading vocational school as long as they remain employed as RTLB by this main employer and remain members of the association.