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Paa Agreement

The AAP Partnership Agreement, which is in effect as of the date of this agreement, is substantially amended in all respects. As part of a future pagp debt recovery operation, as authorized in Section 7.6 of the AAP Partnership Agreement, PAGP may lend the proceeds of this debt to AAP, which will then return the proceeds of the debt to AAP under the same conditions (including interest and commissions) as the PAGP incurred the debt. . No conflict of interest act resolved in accordance with the provisions of the AAP Partnership Agreement or the Pagp Partnership Agreement is considered a waiver of the code. All of these outstanding common units and the interests of the sponsors represented in them have been duly approved and effectively issued in accordance with the AAP Partnership Agreement and are fully paid (to the extent necessary under the AAP Partnership Agreement) and cannot be assessed (except as such may be affected by Sections 17 to 607 and 17 to 804 of the Delaware LP Act).