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Witness Agreement Guarantors

An act of G`tor must be observed, it can be dragged off the street by Mr. F Bloggs, but is not affiliated with any of the AST parties. There are two types of warranty. The first is the one that can be included in the lease through additional clauses. In this case, the guarantor would sign the lease in the same way as the tenant. The second type of guarantee is that by means of a guarantee. Yes, this would require a separate document (as if the owners didn`t already have enough), but this is the method we suggest. It is simpler and more orderly overall and effectively defines the guarantor`s obligations. As a rule, the guarantees would be unlimited, so that the guarantor guarantees the entire rent and any damage to the lease. If the guarantor is not willing to extend the compensation so far (e.B. in student dormitories, a parent may not want to guarantee the payment of rent by tenants other than their child), it is possible to have a limited guarantee that could, for example, guarantee a share of the rent, but with unlimited liability for other violations. In order to properly execute a guarantee document, it must be signed by the guarantor in the presence of a witness.

This witness must also sign the document. The guarantor must receive a copy of the lease (attached to the article) so that he is aware of the responsibilities it covers. Ideally, the guarantor signs the item in the presence of the landlord/agent. For the first time in our lives, we know that they have to sign the rent deduction in the presence of the witness. Does it have to be a lawyer or someone else? In the latter case, how do we know if they have not falsified witnesses themselves? Do we need more information about the witness (we want to make sure that the witness is accepted by the courts, as well as everything else). When you sign a document as a witness, you must print your name and provide an address. Does this mean that another office employee as a witness on behalf of the landlord cannot testify to this signature if the document witness and the witness must be independent? The reason for this is that the very intelligent lawyers we use for our warranty documents do not need the witness`s address. .