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Virtual Assistant Client Agreement

For example, if you own your own virtual support company and hire other virtual assistants to outsource certain products, the contract may include restrictive agreements to ensure that the subcontractor is not trying to ask your customers. If you have the option for your virtual assistant to work overtime, earn sales commissions or other performance-related bonuses, you can also include them in the contract. Nevertheless, it is important to clarify precisely what is within the confidentiality clause of the virtual assistant contract. This will ensure that all parties know what should not be disclosed; Whether it`s in account knowledge or without knowing it. The privacy clause also helps to give legitimacy to your virtual support activity. In addition to payment details, the virtual assistant contract also defines termination conditions. Shooting can often go to two lanes; The VA may decide to terminate the agreement, or the customer may fire VA. One way or another, the terms of the end of the VA relationship must be included in the PDF file of the virtual assistant contract. It must address termination issues, in particular: some VA it also contains a „Kill Fee” in its contract. In particular, companies go that quote individually for each project. A „kill tax” is a percentage of the offer that the customer must pay if he decides to terminate the project before it is completed. If you hire an independent virtual assistant outside of Upwork or another third-party website (such as, you should detail your payment terms in your VA contract. How much are you going to pay? How many times are you going to pay for it? What method will you use? (PayPal, transfer, direct payment, cheque, etc.) An important element of the virtual assistant contract is the definition of the nature of the employment agreement – whether the VA or service provider is legally considered an independent contractor of your company and not an employee.

This will destabilize you with a number of traditional employer charges, such as payroll taxes and workers` benefits. A resting clause means that one party undertakes not to market, promote or advertise to customers of the other. Make your name and company name and your customers clear. The main advantage of using a virtual assistant contract template for each new project is to protect your work and make sure you get paid on time. The added benefit is also that customers have written the signature for the project area and the steps of the solution. This is usually used when the order requires you to provide virtual assistance for a longer period of time. You either work a certain number of operations per month or you work a certain number of hours per month. In such cases, reduced rates can be negotiated and can often encourage the customer to pay advances. This type of agreement has its advantages, but regardless of that, a virtual assistant contract is always necessary to protect the interests of the VA and customers. There are dishonest customers. So what happens if they are unlucky enough to work with one of them? When a customer requests it, a virtual assistant can accept a restrictive agreement.

B, for example a non-competition clause or a non-formal notice clause.