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Spay Agreements

Most breeders` contracts require quality dogs to be neutered or neutered. But if veterinary attitudes and research change, the age at which surgical sterilization is performed can vary considerably. Some breeders require owners to wait for the dog to stop mulberry and close the growth plates – one year for most breeds, 18 months for larger dogs – which some studies have shown reduces the risk of bone cancer. Of course, this means keeping your dog safe and not letting him wander to avoid involuntary breeding. If not spayed/neutered, then the extra penealty is due $4,000.00 in addition to the price of the pet. Please send the veterinary proof of castration or invoice bill with the state veterinary license number and its signature for verification. Anyway, as the owner of a 5-month-old puppeteer, I go to spaying according to the age of a dog, and we try to read our puppets before their first heat. It is less likely to see certain cancers, but also an increased risk for other diseases. By my signature below, I agree that this spayed/neutered dog no earlier than 7-8 years, and I understand that this spay/castre agreement is an agreement that this dog will not produce a litter of puppies, either intentionally bred or bred by accidental breeding.

Accidental breeding is considered negligent and the dog/dog is returned to us and all puppies born from each farm, accidentally or otherwise, become the property of Trinity Farms. This means that you temporarily get custody of this puppy. After receiving proof of this Spay/Castrier puppyby your veterinarian, you will then be supplied with a permanent ownership transfer letter. If the breeder does not provide proof of the puppy`s case at the age of 7, this agreement is cancelled and the buyer will deliver or pay to deliver the puppy and return it to the healthy breeder and hand it over to the breeder without financial reimbursement or compensation of any kind. The lasting ownership of this dog depends on respect for this addendum. The breeder must obtain proof that the spay/castranier method was performed no later than 6 months and the male puppy is 9 months old. The evidence must be consulted within fourteen (14) days after the end of the operation.