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Ccp Collective Bargaining Agreement

In the late hours Wednesday night, after three days of marathon talks and the risk of a looming strike, the administration of the Community College of Philadelphia and the union, which got its faculty and staff representation, an agreement that called union as an improvement over what the university called in January its „best and last offer.” The government has tried to break the collective power of the union and increase its influence on workers through the rights management clause. This clause would have given management „the right to exempt workers from the obligation for lack of work or other reasons,” while ensuring that „none of the management rights are subject to collective bargaining or complaint.” The strike vote paid tribute to the difficult choices faced by workers and students. If the government could force the union to accept an anti-union agreement, it would be devastating for everyone. Students and workers who need it most would bear the highest costs. The union therefore refused to allow this takeover. Instead, they asked the administration to implement changes to relieve faculty and staff and increase salaries so that they could serve their students. A job should be enough. The union is essential for workers, especially the lowest paid, such as housekeeper Paula Perry-Gable, who earns only $12 an hour. „I`ve been working full-time at CCP for 20 years,” Perry-Gable said, „and yet I qualified for food brands.” How can workers help students if they cannot support themselves? Workers need the support of the administration in fulfilling the college`s mission. Growing classrooms, understaffing and long, stressful work weeks are hurting workers as much as students. Our students are worth the investment. They deserve our support.

This first student approach and work first confirms the value of each person. It is a promise from the faculty and staff to ensure the success of all. No student is abandoned because they are too expensive to meet their needs. However, the faculty and staff can only do this if they can afford to do so. . PT/VL Memorandum of Agreement and CURRENT PT pay rates, 2018-2022 FTF Memorandum of Agreement and Salary Schedules, 2018-2022: Rank A and B salary schedules and Rank V-VIII salary chedules The strike vote never resulted in a Walkout or an active strike. The administration softened its anti-union tone and a contract was negotiated without interruption from the students. The contract included: the strike put the CCP in the spotlight. Council members David Oh and Helen Gym responded with proposals to restore full funding to the PAC, and media coverage of this issue is increasing.

The city`s funds for 2020 have now increased to 22%, which is just under a third of what they are supposed to pay, but it is certainly a step in the right direction. The gains made should be celebrated. The workers and students fought and achieved many victories. However, the fight must continue until the Community College is accessible and affordable (free) for anyone who walks through the gates of 1700 Spring Garden Street. „This is a victory in the circumstances in which we live,” said John Braxton, co-chair of the 1200-member union. Strong unions are the only defence of workers against retirement and health care, unreased dismissal or control of their working lives.